Testimony Tuesday {Hope Groups: Participating}

Hope Groups are a group of women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss (up to two years of age) at any point in their life. It’s a collection of women who meet and share their stories with one another, pray together, ask questions, lament hurts, proclaim joy, and cling to His Word to find that there is still hope after the death of their precious sons and daughters.

Hope Groups are a ten week, bible study and small group. Some meet online through Facebook and some meet in person. Each group will establish a specific meeting time. Even if you cannot commit for that specific time each week, we encourage you to join a group. The topics will be posted online and dialogue for each study will continue beyond the specified time and throughout the week.

Here is what other women who have gone through Hope Groups in the past have to say:

It has been a healing process to join the Hope Mommies Hope Group in Waco.  My hope baby would have been 28 this year (2017). Even after all of these years, joining the group has been so helpful.  The feeling of being so alone and the thought that no one understands what I am going through is no more.  This is a wonderful group of ladies, and I feel that I can share anything with them.
-Glenna Sandhoff, Hope Mom to Derek Wayne Sandhoff

The spring Hope Group was the first time I participated. It was recommended to me by a friend who had introduced me to Hope Mommies. I didn’t know what to expect, but the immediate bonding I experienced with my group was amazing. I finally had a group of women that I felt like I’ve known forever. I could turn to our group page when I had something to share in joy, sadness, and hope. Our group was diverse in how recently we had experienced our losses, our family dynamics, age, and where we all lived. But we had one important thing in common: our belief that because of Jesus’ sacrifice we would be reunited with our children in heaven. We ended up extending our sessions so that we would spend more time together. We’ve promised to all stay in touch. I truly hope if my travels ever take me to a city where one of my new friends live, we can meet in person. I would certainly recommend a Hope Group to any grieving mother.
-Michelle O’Brien, Hope Mom to Brady

I am so blessed to have participated in a Hope Group. When I lost my sweet Killian, I remember sitting and thinking: what do I do now? I was grasping at anything that could help me navigate a pain that was so much bigger than me. I didn’t know what I would find in a Hope Group, but I knew it was worth trying. My Hope Group introduced me to women who I never would have connected with any other way. It was a safe and encouraging environment where I didn’t have to edit my feelings. These women understood where I was, and I didn’t have to struggle while looking for the right words or making sure I said the right thing. There is something so incredible about being surrounded by a community of people that just “gets” you.
-Stacie, Hope Mom to Killian & Baby S


Registration for our Fall Hope Groups is open now through August 13 only!  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with other women, share your story, and experience the hope of Christ!  Hope Groups will run from the week of September 10 through the week of November 18.

To learn more and register for a group follow this link —–> Register Now

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