Box Gatherin1_KR_smgs are an opportunity for anyone wanting
to make a difference in their community by providing
Hope Mommies™ Hospital Boxes to their local hospital.
Gatherings are organized by individuals or groups
and overseen by our Hope Box Coordinator.

Gatherings are a unique way to spend an evening with friends,
writing encouragement cards, decorating boxes,
filling boxes with all the gifts and talking to your
local hospitals about the ministry.

Thank you for your desire to host a Gathering and to spread the Hope of Christ to others.

This process is made up of three parts:
Fundraiser, Shipping and the Box Gathering.

Fundraiser: You host a Facebook event, email or pass out flyers to raise the funds for all the box supplies.
Usually 2 weeks or more.

Shipping: A 2 week gap that allows for me to receive and mail all the supplies to you.

Box Gathering: This is where you assemble and decorate the Hope Boxes!

We have been working hard to find vendors and companies that will allow us to purchase all of the box contents at a wholesale or discounted price. We purchase the items at a discount and mail them to you. If there is an item that you would like to include in the Hope Box that we do not provide, or if it is a different version of something we provide, please let me know and we can discuss that. The only item you will need to buy are the actual photo boxes to put everything in and any decorating supplies you would like. Hobby Lobby has them for $2 every other week, and Michaels and Joann’s often has them on sale as well. From the funds raised for your box gathering you will be given a gift card to your local store to make this purchase.

Having a Facebook Event page is a great way to give people the information they need to understand what a Box Gathering is and how they can donate. What you will need to do is have the people in your “Event” go directly to this page Give to a Gathering.

There they will scroll down to the “Gatherings” section where they will select your name from the drop down list. Example, “Jane Doe: Dallas, TX”. We must do it this way, as opposed to you collecting all the money, for tax purposes and so it is clear who the donations come from. Also, after your fundraiser, I will email you the names, address and email of your donors so that you can thank them. We ask that you write them a card or send them an email, whichever you prefer.

After your event has closed, we will let you know how much was raised and how many boxes you will be able to make from that.

5 boxes cost $200
10 boxes cost $400
15 boxes cost $600
20 boxes cost $800

Once a date for the Gathering is established, it will take 2 weeks to mail you all the supplies that you need to fill the boxes. Many people like to ask close friends and family to help put the boxes together, often to honor their Hope Babies birthday or Glory Day.

After filling out the “Gathering Interest Form” you will receive an email that will include an “Invite Card” that you can fill in and email, post on social media or print out. Some people have even had it printed in their church bulletin!

We would love to hear how your Gathering went! Please send any photos or testimonies to boxministry at hopemommies dot com.