Our annual retreats are a unique gathering of Hope Moms from all seasons in life, whether just beginning their grief journey, or many years closer to their Hope Baby and Heaven. Our weekends are spent in sharing our stories, worshiping the Lord together and listening to Biblical teaching as we look to God’s word to illuminate our sorrows and point us to Jesus, the only hope we have for healing and Heaven.

Our 2018 retreat will be March 9-11.  Save the Date. Registration will open October 1.

Hope Mommies retreats are for women who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss at any point in their lives.

The retreat is just that — a retreat from the every day battle of busyness and heartache and adjusting to your “new normal” as a Hope Mom. It’s a weekend where you can rest; talk about your Hope Baby without feeling awkward; tell your story and relate to others; ask hard questions regarding infant loss; spend time in worship and prayer; and learn about how to relate to God, to family, and to others after your Hope Baby has fallen asleep.

We will be in Giddings, Texas for our retreat this year. Within a few hours from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, it’s a beautiful location and easy to get to for anyone flying in!

Take a look into what a weekend looks like in this video of our 2016 Retreat.


“To be in a place where my son’s name was spoken and written; to be in a room with other moms who have felt the same feelings I have felt and have cried the same tears I have cried; to be prayed over; to be heard; to be known; — well, that is God Himself speaking to my heart.”
Torie B, Hope Mom to Aaron



“I am so thankful to be apart of Hope Mommies™ and the way that it fills my soul with encouragement and pure joy. I am thankful for every women that I am walking this journey with, and the constant reminder that I am not alone.”
Amy M, Hope Mom to Kaitlyn

“The Retreats rejuvenate and refresh my heart in such a beautiful way and the way that it honors our precious babies is breathtaking. I also walk away with my heart a little lighter and inspired by the beautiful bonds that were formed over the weekend.”
Holly S, Hope Mom to Landry



“Losing a baby can be such a lonely journey. I am so very grateful for the special friendships I have made through Hope Mommies™…allowing me to not be isolated. Hope Mommies™ has encouraged me to look up and run after the prize of heaven. It has given me support and Biblical tools to survive the first year of extreme grief. My Caroline is of great value to Hope Mommies™, and that is worth everything to me.
The first year I went to the Hope Mommies™ retreat I went because I needed it…I needed the teaching, the community with other hope moms, and the weekend away. Most recently I attended the retreat because I wanted to connect with hope mommy friends I have made over the years, I still needed and yearned for the teaching and worship, and I wanted to encourage and love on new hope moms.
Hope Mommies™ has helped find great value and joy from my daughter’s life and and death and I want all hope moms to know and experience God’s goodness even in the midst of extreme grief and pain.”
Lauren B, Hope Mom to Caroline