Psalm 16 Reflections {Beautiful Inheritance}

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This week’s Psalm 16 Reflection prompt is: BEAUTIFUL INHERITANCE

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” v.6

An inheritance is the acquisition of a possession, condition, or trait from past generations. By tradition, the recipient is not the one who worked for or earned what they have acquired from the contributor. It is simply a gift one receives because of their lineage. I have inherited my mother’s eyes, my father’s sense of humor, and a little plot of land tucked into the fields of East Texas. I also have inherited Heaven. There has been no work on my part to obtain any of my inheritance.

The mention of lines and pleasant places initially brings to mind property in favorable locations. Inheriting a sweet land flowing with milk and honey is of great value, but we must not focus our desires on obtaining a place. Rather, turn your heart to crave a union with God.
In Christ, we are assured an inheritance with God, Himself. Because of the sacrificial crucifixion and redeeming resurrection of Jesus, we were given a restored relationship with God. By proclaiming Jesus as Lord, we are given a place in His kingdom. Our Father’s love is like honey in the depths of grief; it turns stone into bread, water into wine, a trek through the valley towards a mountain of hope, and it makes our dry land a holy garden.
Those that have God for their portion will have a beautiful inheritance. Weary ones, the empty wombs, the aching arms, and the ashes are not your inheritance. You, dear believer, are Christ’s heritage. You are a precious jewel that He delights in. This lifetime of aching is replaced with an eternal hope when we become satisfied with the promise of God’s love for us. Though we should continue to covet more of God, we must not covet more than God. As we long for our babies and daily wonder what life with them on this side of Glory would look like, take heart not to focus on the missing pieces, but on the fullness of the guarantee of restoration. Restoration of life, restoration of love, restoration of a personal relationship with The Father, and restoration of hope.
David penned this psalm with confidence. He started with a short petition (v.1), then quickly expressed his passionate commitment to God (v.2-6), and concluded with sweet and utter praise (v.7-11). While we are focusing on the commitment portion of this Psalm, it is still important to follow David’s example of Whom he sought his safety from the very beginning. “Preserve me, O God, for you I take refuge.” (v.1) Run, sprint, crawl if you must towards the Father. For He alone can provide the security and guidance your sorrow filled heart needs to be content solely in the joy of His presence.
Truly the lines have fallen into pleasant places, not only do we hold a lot in Immanuel’s land, but more beautifully we possess Immanuel’s love.

Calli Williams is a passionate Christ follower. Calli is married to Jared, and has six children: Gavyn, Grant, Bertie, Gwyneth, Blair, who has been in Glory since November 2014, and Brynne , who joined their family in November 2015. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading when she can steal a quiet moment, using her creativity to craft, and splurging on anything chocolate














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  • Charlene
    June 22, 2017 (10:30 am)

    These are life-giving words for me today. Thank you.

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