It finally happened.

The Hope Mommies baby calendar now has a birthday for each day of the month. For the longest time, the 17th of each month had been the one day left on the calendar that I hadn’t heard of a precious little one advancing into God’s Kingdom so soon. This morning I had time to catch up on my emails from this summer (Summer Camp has kept us busy!), and a little email from Wiley’s mom informed me that he was born on February 17, 2012 – just a short six months ago.

I don’t know Wiley’s story, or whether or not he has siblings here on Earth, or how his mom and dad are doing. I do know what being 6 months away from your child feels like; so I can assume that they are still deeply wounded and broken… and I’m prayerful for their family that God’s hope and His kindness would be apparent to them. I’m thankful that I can know with God’s assurance that Wiley is in the presence of Jesus, fully healthy and happy.

Please take a moment to view our calendar and pray for the families listed! And if you are struggling to find security and assurance concerning death and Heaven, I encourage you to look at our doctrinal statement and the verses listed. We’d love to talk with you if you have any questions, or specific prayer requests for our Prayer Team.


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