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Give Hope – Christmas Wreath!

It's not even Halloween yet, but I am so excited about Christmas. I've enjoyed scheming of ways to Give Hope, have been browsing recipes, magazines, and pinterest, looking for fun ways to surprise and give this season. This wreath was a conglomerate of ideas, edited and smashed together to create something a little unique for this Christmas! Here's my (Erin) first Give Hope project--- a Give Hope wreath! (more…)

Give Hope – Glass Etching

Another week closer to the holidays and another fun idea/tutorial for creative ways to Give Hope this holiday season. Glass etching is an easy/adorable way to personalize a gift. (more…)

Give Hope

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we at Hope Mommies recognize this time is very difficult for Hope Mom’s and families. As we anticipate the holidays, we remember that we celebrate the Hope of Christ above all throughout this season. It is that hope that daily strengthens and daily allows for peace. This year we want to make this season about spreading the Hope of Christ to others. It is too easy to allow ourselves to wallow in our grief and want to be served. But what if we bless others by GIVING and proclaim the Hope of Christ this season louder than our grief! (more…)