As always, we feel so sad to welcome you to this site. But since we cannot change our circumstances, here we are. And I believe that even here, in this dark valley of suffering, loss, and questions, there can still be Hope and Light. It’s so difficult to trust the One that wounds, but He is the only one that heals. And He is the reason why we can see our precious children again one day, and why we can find purpose to keep going on this side of eternity.

Thank you for your willingness to allow Hope Mommies™ to serve you. We want to do whatever possible to best care for you and your family, and pray for your needs as you walk this lonely road.

Ways to be involved with Hope Mommies™:
1. Join our Facebook group.
2. Sign up for a Hope Group (our Fall and Spring Bible studies) and spend time with other Hope Moms, grieving and searching God’s word together as it guides us through infant loss.
3. Join us for our annual Retreats. This is one of the most meaningful weekends for Hope Moms out of the year, and we hope you’ll join us!
4. Be prayed for by a faithful, wonderful woman on a monthly basis!
5. Sign up for our email updates.
7. Check out some of resources that we’ve found helpful.

If you have any questions, concerns, prayer requests, or just need someone to listen while you cry or yell, we are here. Thank you for the honor of loving on you throughout this valley.

Erin Cushman
Executive Director