Fund Allocation:

  • Program - 97%
  • Administrative - 3%


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Our Mission

Hope Mommies exists to bring the Hope of Christ to bereaved mothers and families experiencing infant loss. If you are a Hope Mom, we would like to invite you to our group!
Budget Goals and Fundraisers
  • Print & Design Media
    $11,500 annually. Print materials fill our Hope Boxes, and multimedia ventures such as video production exponentially increase awareness and connectivity.
  • Admin Expenses
    $8,500 annually. Website hosting, payment processors, shipping and postage, retreat expenditures. <em>Please note: leadership positions are not salaried. 100% of donations go toward growing the ministry.
  • Hospital Boxes
    $50,000 for Texas Hospitals. We want to equip hospitals and medical staff with Hospital Boxes- tangible resources to have on hand when tragedy occurs. Our 2014 Goal is to place 1,000 boxes in 100 hospitals around Texas. Make a difference in your city and donate a box!
  • Retreat Scholarships
    $10,000. We want every woman who desires to come to the Hope Mommies retreat to be able to, with very little cost to her family. So many Hope Moms are still dealing with funeral and hospital expenses, and retreat costs do not factor in to their budget. Our goal is to provide 30 scholarships for the 2015 Retreat.
  • Publication
    $10,000. Hope Group (Bible study) materials are ready to move to print form, to increase usability and spread this resource to churches. Our collection of Hope Mom stories is underway, and once printed, will be a resource we put into every Hope Box.